Flooding is a rapidly growing concern in West Africa. Several floods have occurred in recent years with severe consequences including loss of lives, displacements, disruption to public services, destroyed homes, damaged infrastructure, and delayed transportation. Flooding is also projected to increase with climate change. Hence, there is an urgent need for improved flood management in the region.

Access to operational forecasts and alerts is a critical component in addressing the flood challenges in West Africa. FANFAR is an European Union-financed project that co-designs, co-adapts, and co-operates a short- and medium-term hydrological forecasting and alert pilot system for West Africa. It aims to provide key stakeholders with reliable and timely access to operational forecasts and alerts enabled by a robust forecast production system adapted to regional conditions and operated by West African institutions.

FANFAR enhances the capacity of West African institutions to forecast, alert for and manage floods.

capture of flood ivory coast
Photo of a road during a severe flooding situation in Ivory Coast in September 2018. Courtesy: Edouard Ouattara.
Flow of information
The operational forecasting chain used in FANFAR. Each day a new hydrological forecast is produced and distributed to enable productive applications in West Africa.

FANFAR aims to provide reliable and timely access to flood forecasts and alerts through a range of distribution channels to ensure that the information actually reaches its target audience. The distribution channels currently include web visualisation, SMS, e-mail, and application programming interfaces (API). The forecasting system is based on an open-source hydrological model employed in a cloud-based Information and Communications Technology (ICT) environment to ensure operational robustness despite frequent cuts to electricity and internet supply in the region.

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News & events

March 18, 2021

Future vision of FANFAR

Key West African and European organisations co-designed and jointly developed the FANFAR pre-operational system providing updated information every day since…
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March 2, 2021

ECOWAS using FANFAR in online regional training workshop. La CEDEAO utilise FANFAR dans un atelier de formation régional

English AGRHYMET is leading an online regional training workshop with ECOWAS Commission and in collaboration with the World Bank from…
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September 29, 2020

Contract between ECOWAS and AGRHYMET – Contrat entre la CEDEAO et AGRHYMET

English ECOWAS and AGRHYMET signed a collaboration agreement in March 2020 to provide technical assistance from AGRHYMET to ECOWAS for…
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Fanfar portal in French
August 24, 2020

Le portail interactif de visualisation FANFAR

Français Le portail interactif de visualisation qui montre les prévisions de FANFAR est maintenant disponible en français. Les soixante termes…
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Fanfar workshop 2020
March 31, 2020

Third Workshop Summary

FANFAR gathered stakeholders for third co-design and training workshop on operational flood forecasting and alerts in West Africa
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Flag of Nigeria
January 30, 2020

Upcoming 3rd FANFAR workshop/atelier

The 3rd FANFAR workshop is scheduled to take place at the Hotel de Bently in Abuja, Nigeria on 10-14 Feb…
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