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Schematic of the FANFAR forecast production.

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The Hydrology Thematic Exploitation Platform (Hydrology-TEP) provides cloud processing capabilities and links the hydrological model (HYPE) with earth observations (EO) and meteorological forecasts.


One can access the forecast production portal by visiting

Hydrology-TEP Community

Once can access the FANFAR community of the Hydrology-TEP by visiting!communities/details/westafrica-hm


The support provided by the project FANFAR with regard to the operation and use of the Hydrology-TEP takes three forms:

Knowledge base

In the knowledge base section, one can find requisite documentations to develop technical capacity to use the hydrology-TEP. To discover more (TO BE LINKED).


is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

Help desk

The Help Desk intends to provide information and support related to the forecast production. The purpose of a help desk is to troubleshoot problems or provide guidance.